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永磁氣壓式磁選機Pneumatic Magnetic Separator


Widely used in construction, slag, sand, steel, coal, wood, pallet recycling and other industries. It can effectively exclude iron-containing substances in raw materials.



     Pneumatic Magnetic Separator is designed to install above and 90 degrees to the conveyor belt
     to remove scrap metals by pneumatic cylinder from the materials on the moving conveyor.
  • 本設備使用的是永久磁鐵,只需接空壓機不需任何電源。
  • 本設備可適用於室外作業。
  • 磁性物質、含鐵雜質吸附上來後,透過氣壓缸自動排除,節省人力。
  • 1. Only require air compressor, completely free of electricity.
  • 2. Tough durable design is suitable for outdoor use.
  • 3. After the magnetic substance and the iron-containing impurities are adsorbed up, they are automatically removed through the pneumatic cylinder, saving manpower.
  • 最高磁力可達5,000高斯。
  • 可依客戶需求客製化機器。
  • 氣壓缸可附加感應開關以控制行程距離
  • Highest magnetic force can reach 5,000 Gauss
  • Customization of machine to meet the needs of customer
  • Pneumatic Cylinders can be equipped with an inductive switch to control the stroke distance
  • PNH 系列Series
型號Model 磁力Magnetic Force (GAUSS) 吸距
Attraction Distance (mm)
Belt Width (mm)
本體尺寸 Body Dimensions (mm) 氣壓缸行程
Pneumatic CylindersStroke Distance(mm)
出力Power Output 
Hanging Way
L W1 W2 H
PNH-8003 3000 300 800 2100 970 1010 550 1300 (可變Variable) 1000 十字 700
PNH-10003 1000 900
PNH-8004 4000 400 800 900
PNH-10004 1000 1100
PNH-8005 5000 500 800 1100
PNH-10005 1000 1300

專利號碼: M411992 Patent No.: M411992 

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