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Grate Magnet

Production Information
 Grate Magnet


Easy to install on the feed port or discharge port of hopper or middle of the feeder and effectively remove iron-containing impurities in raw materials.


1. It can also be used in liquid.
2. Magnetic Force on bar surface can reach 13000 Gauss
3. Custom sizes and designs available
4. It is also possible to design rings, screw hole, handles, etc.
5. The tube surface can be processed with teflon and nitriding.
6.Double tube design available for easy cleaning.
7. Custom number of tubes and configuration based on the raw material.


1. Magnetic Force between 3,000 to 13,000 according to be designed according to customer needs.
2. Pipe Material: SUS304, SUS316  Tube Diameter: φ 25.4 mm
3. Double Tube Design available for easy cleaning.